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Meddy Teddy

Meddy Teddy

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Meddy Teddy is a lovable, bendable, meditating yoga bear that inspires young and old alike. Meddy's unique internal frame allows him to be posed in almost any yoga pose and his closed eyes remind us that our power is within. 

With his smiling face and calm demeanor, Meddy Teddy is here to make yoga, meditation, and mindfulness fun and playful; while inspiring us to love, smile and be joyful.


✔️ Meddy Teddy is handmade and crafted with love.

✔️ Each Meddy Teddy receives individual fur cutting, sewing, bendable frame placement, measured stuffing, and precise back-stitching.

✔️ Soft Plush with recycled plastic inside. 

✔️ Embroidered eyes and smile.

✔️ Made with all new, child-safe fabrics and is rigorously tested to exceed all United States safety standards.

✔️ 16.5in/42cm tall.

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