Just Play in Schools

Allow us to assist your educators, students, caregivers and wider community in creating a future generation of emotionally balanced people. You are one small step away from creating a better, brighter future for our children.

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  • Our Offer

    Just Play offers cost-effective tools for mindfulness with corresponding visual aids that were created for children three years old and up to use without assistance. The purpose for this, is to allow children alone time in their calming space to self-
    regulate with various tools and props without direction. In addition, teachers can create mindful breaks throughout the day, as needed.

  • Yoga Kits

    We additionally offer yoga kits which provide tools and props for teachers and students to lead playful sequences. Each kit includes fun props to make the practice more engaging for younger children and children who may typically be resistant to the idea of yoga and/or mindfulness. Our kits give teachers the tools to practice with their class without prior experience or the need for electronic devices.

  • Benefits to Mindfulness

    • Teaches children how to self-regulate their emotions
    • Reduces anxiety, stress and depression
    • Improves attention and focus
    • Increases cognitive performance
    • Reduces bullying, due to better emotional understanding of themselves and others
    • Increased self-esteem through self-awareness
    • Improves memory which improves learning retention