At Just Play, take the planning work out of activities and encourage families to play through movement, mindful based activities, and corresponding props. From children's museums to schools, Just Play is making a difference across Southwest Florida and beyond!

  • "The Just Play Bag included so many wonderful goodies my scholars could use to practice yoga and mindfulness. Both of these practices help teach them how to calm their minds and bodies down when they are experiencing those big emotions that are difficult to control. They especially love the yoga cards that have beautiful images and easy to understand directions. The students also enjoy experimenting with the foam dice, playing cards, and their favorite, the superhero capes and masks! These items were the missing pieces I was able to include in the Calming Corner area of my classroom where students spend some in when they need some time to themselves. I was so lucky to have received these specials gifts from Elaina!"

    - Lindsay Molla, Truett Elementary School

  • "Elaina / MiniBuddhas Yoga has been a wonderful partner, hosting regular family yoga classes at the museum. Particularly after Hurricane Ian and all that followed the storm, Elaina's classes offered children and their parents an opportunity to destress and take some important time to focus on their well-being."

    - Jonathan Foerster, Chief Executive Officer, Golisano Children's Museum of Naples

  • "We have had a wonderful experience with Ms. E leading Yoga classes for our Preschoolers over the last two years. Elaina brings an uplifting energy and passion for her work to every session and is so in tune with the needs of our young students. She guides children through each Yoga pose, encouraging them to develop new skills, stretch, and understand the routines of her classes. Each child feels her support and is eager to engage and participate. Elaina has also taught our students important breathing exercises that help during Yoga classes and beyond – children are taking these skills and applying them throughout their days, using the breathing techniques in self-regulation. We have found our children feel calmer and are focused after their Yoga classes. We are grateful for Elaina and the meaningful experiences she brings to our program."

    - Jennifer Cashman, Assistant Director, Preschool of the Arts

  • "Just Play has been a changing force for our kids and our community. We are so lucky to have Elaina to remind us the basics of childhood, play and parenting and engaging not just our imaginations but our hands, bodies and minds again in such a wholesome way. From the carpet of the living room to the yoga mats of The Children's Museum, Naples is lucky to have Just Play by E.CO!" - Judith Anne, Mom of 10 year old

  • "We have had the honor and privilege of knowing Elaina for over a year now. My 6 year old daughter take part of her Mini Buddhas class weekly, my daughter looks forward to it every time! The impact Elaine is making on their little mind is exceptional. Self love is so important and mental health is at its all time highest. It is so important to reach their minds early on, giving them the tools and skills on how to manage their emotions. Teaching them breathe work, to calm the mind, and to love themselves is so empowering. Building confidence in our youth can make all the difference for the future, and that is what Elaine is accomplishing and more!" - Danielle, Mom of 6 year old

  • "It has been a pleasure working with Ms.Elaina and her yoga program. Ms.Elaina does a fabulous job creating fun, exciting, and goal-oriented yoga lessons for our students. My students often look forward to utilizing her large breathing ball to help them inhale and exhale. The breathing ball is a beautiful hands-on method that allows the children to visualize their breathing. As a class, we loved this method so much that we purchased one for our classroom. Another tool that Ms.Elaina uses is her bell. The children often look forward to ringing the bell and waiting for the vibration to stop. This small but rich lesson taught my students to enjoy the wait. It is often a contest of which student's sound waves can last the longest. Meddy Teddy is another fun and exciting way Ms.Elaina keeps the blood pumping. The children are often excited to find Meddy Teddy in a new fun yoga pose. The children enjoy copying his poses. It is with great confidence that I recommend Ms. Elaina. She would be a great asset to any future endeavor!" -Samantha Lewandowski- Lead VPK Teacher