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Botanical Yoga Kit

Botanical Yoga Kit

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Each yoga kit includes: butterfly wings, bubble wand, fairy wand, kindness shell craft kit, butterfly 🦋 pop it and yoga pose cards.  On each card you will find tips on how to do the pose, alternative options for the pose, as well as uses for the fun props that are included. Everything is packaged in a backpack which allows you to store it easily as well as take it with you so you can use it on the go.  

This is a fun, whimsical bag that is ideal for ages 3-9.

The Just Play Bag allows you the flexibility to do mindful activities and exercise in a park, in an airport, hotel, or just at home.  You have your activities and fun corresponding props in the convenience of your Just Play bag for easy storage and travel.

No waste packaging makes it eco-friendly 🌍. 

*Bag contents are within the photos

*Colors vary from bag to bag, but if the recipient has a favorite color it can be requested, but not guaranteed

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